60 laptops and gun went missing from MoD in 2017

As many as 60 laptops, four personal computers and 48 USB memory sticks were either stolen or lost in 2017.

It has additionally been says a Glock 17 pistol was recorded as allegedly stolen in Barbados which a tiny bit of munitions were reported lost.

The MoD wasn’t requested – and didn’t give any more details – about who the gear belonged to, but stated it treated information security like a “main concern”.

Labour’s shadow defence secretary expressed “extreme concern” within the findings.

Nia Griffith told the Sunday Mirror: “When confronted with growing cyber warfare, the possibility lack of sensitive details are very concerning.

“We want assurances these devices haven’t fallen in to the wrong hands and, where appropriate, the MoD must tighten guidance to avoid future such occurrences.”

The MoD stated it used secure file encryption among other techniques to stop potential crooks right where they are.

It told the paper: “We’ve robust procedures to discourage and stop losses and thefts, although safeguards like safely encrypting electronics ensure they can’t be utilized when they can’t be located.”

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