&#039Iron Gentleman&#039 ex-maritime flies assault course in jet pack

Richard Browning – nicknamed the “serious-life span Iron Male” – flew close to the training course at the Commando Educating Centre in Lympstone, Devon.

The 39-yr-out-of-date managed to get above the hurdles utilised to choose a seem at new recruits.

The in shape makes use of 5 engines to crank out one,000bhp and can cruise at much more than 50mph.

Mr Browning, founder and primary choose a seem at pilot of Gravity Industries, mentioned: “It can be been at minimum a 10 a long time due to the fact I was incredibly previous at the Commando Coaching Centre in Lympstone, when I was remaining awarded my coveted eco-welcoming beret.

“It is an finish honour to be invited as a customer at the King’s Squad passout parade, but to be back again yet again tackling that assault course with one of our jet fits is a working day I will not at any time ignore.”

Captain Oliver Mason noted: “Royal Marines are at situations termed ‘supermen’ for their achievements, but even we stop brief at the capacity to fly.”

Colonel Mike Tanner, the Commandant of the Commando Coaching Centre, further: “I was delighted to welcome Richard and his Gravity staff to look at his most recent jet go nicely with on our assault schooling training course.

“His endeavour to generate this jet go nicely with above two lots of a long time is emblematic of the Commando body of head. I believe that it is truly great to say we all desired a go!”

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